Pistachio and Cardamom Kulfi

I made these kulfi for our Indian feast edition of The Supper Club. After a table full with bowls of thick meaty curries, dahl, paneer, paratha and rice it was really nice to sit back and have a palate cooling dessert.

Kulfis are an Indian no-churn take on ice cream. They use evaporated milk to get that wonderful caramelised milky taste to them. The reasonably high sugar and fat content also makes them almost fudgy when you slice a spoon through them. The original recipe called for saffron and a million dollars worth of pistachios. I adapted the recipe to be slightly cheaper but also be more spice infused. The idea of lacing this with cardamom came to me the other day when I went to go sniff some ground cardamom and it accidentally went right up into my nose. For the rest of the day my world smelt wonderfully of cardamom and so I had a hankering to pop it into something sweet. 

I wrote all about how to make these treats over on SophieLikesCake so to save the internet being filled with me rambling on twice I shall just copy and paste the link for you here.

I hope you get around to making them; they are beyond delicious.