The Supper Club.
The Supper Club.
Come together

Bringing back the art and the romance of dinner parties. 

There is something rather special about bringing your friends together and being able to nourish them with something you have made yourself. After each spending far too long cooking for one we yearned to be able to share our creations with a slightly larger audience. The dinner table was once the centre of a household, the place of storytelling, fierce discussion and laughter, we thought it time to return the plates from laps and back to the table where they belong. 

Feeling too old for shouting at each other at bars and too poor for lavish dinners at restaurants, bringing back the dinner party only seemed natural for two people who love to be in the kitchen. We make whatever inspires us and we will drink whatever decent drop is on special that week. Please, join in. 

Sophie and Dylan



supper |ˈsʌpə|

NOUN an evening meal, typically a light or informal one.

ORIGIN late 18th cent.: Middle English, from Old French super 'to sup'.