Garlic Smashed Pea and Smoked Mackerel Toasts

Garlic Smashed Pea and Smoked Mackerel Toasts

Smashed peas on toast or 'poor man's avocado' as we like to call it is a household favourite. I love it for breakfast underneath a runny fried egg. I always get great comfort knowing my freezer is filled with at least three bags of peas just in case we suffer a national pea shortage crisis. 

This dish was inspired by one that Dylan at up at Coco's Cantina one time. It is very simple and provided you use good quality ingredients it doesn't matter that you are literally serving up toast to your guests - the ingredients sing for themselves. 

We sourced some delicious sourdough from the Canterbury Cheesemonger which provided that hearty chewy base for the soft and almost moussey peas and flakes of fish. We brush our slices with oil and then run a clove of garlic over it to impart a delicious flavour to the soon to be toasts. 

Frozen peas are super cheap and so you can afford not to be stingy. Cook them only until they are heated through; excessive boiling will cause the chlorophyll that colours them green to denature leaving dull grey peas and not the theatrical vibrant green you desire. You can also easily make these up in advance and then just microwave them back up to temperature when it comes time to serve.

A little smoked fish goes a long way. We used mackerel but choose your favourite provided it isn't salmon because that would be weird. I think the packet we got was only 250g but we managed to serve six people well with it. 

As an entree, breakfast, brunch, lunch or a light supper smashed peas on toast will serve you well! All versatile. Much green. All health. Fish. Wow.


Garlic Smashed Pea and Smoked Mackerel Toasts

Serves 6

A hearty sourdough

A few splashes of neutral oil

3-4 cloves of garlic

1 small brown onion

Pinch or two of chilli flakes

4 cups frozen peas

2 cups of chicken or vegetable stock

A knob of butter

Salt to taste

250g-ish of smoked fish of your choosing 

Olive oil to drizzle

Cracked pepper to serve

Half a lemon to serve


Pop the oven on to a hot grill and place a rack near the top. 

Slice the sourdough into 2cm thick pieces. Use your fingers to lightly coat the bread slices with oil on both sides then follow by rubbing over one of the cloves of garlic. Toast these on a tray under the grill on both sides just before you are wanting to serve up. 

To make the peas, saute the garlic, chilli and onion then add in the peas and stock. Bring to the boil and simmer away until the peas are hot all the way through. Drain out the liquid and then take to the peas with a stick blender and blitz away until they reach your desired consistency (we like ours reasonably chunky). Add salt to taste if need be. 

Spoon the peas over the freshly toasted toasts, try not to be too aggressive when dolloping on the peas as they can go quite splatty and then you have a shit looking plate covered in green mush (guilty). Flake over the fish evenly between each portion. 

Dress each plate up with a fancy swizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and a good cracking of pepper. 

Serve up to your guests and watch them awe over the fact you have literally served them delicious baby food on toast.