Beetroot and Feta Dip

My friend Kelly once turned up to a shared morning tea with a container full of this dip and another box full of carrot sticks. She claimed it to be the simplest dip ever, and boy was she right. It was an ingenious idea and the praise to effort ratio is excellent. 

Basically you need two ingredients. Beetroot and a block of feta. I like to season mine with a squeeze of lemon, a bit of thyme and a crack of pepper but fundamentally it is a two man band. 

The colour it creates is absolutely beautiful and it is a sure stand out on any platter you present it on. I like to serve mine with freshly sliced ciabatta or sour dough but also carrot sticks and crackers are great with it too. Flip I would eat this off the spoon.


Beetroot and Feta Dip

Makes a bowlful


2 medium sized beetroot, peeled and chopped into quarters

Olive oil, a glugful

200g feta (I use cow but feel free to use any other ruminant that tickles your fancy)

A sprig or two of thyme

Juice of half a lemon

Dash of balsamic vinegar 

Pepper to taste


On a lined baking tray, drizzle the beetroot pieces with the olive oil. Give them a tickle of salt if you want too. Place these in a 180C oven on bake for say half an hour until the pieces are tender. Remove and leave to cool.

Place your beetroot in a food processor and pulse until you get a thick but chunky paste. Pop in your block of feta and your thyme and keep pulsing until everything is homogenous and you have a roughly smooth looking dip. Gradually squeeze in the lemon juice in between additional pulses to a) get a smooth consistency but also b) get the level of tang you want. Finish off with a cracking of black pepper. Sometimes if the lemon isn't enough I will throw in a dash of balsamic vinegar to help round out the flavour.

Keep cool until you plan to serve (or else it will go a little sloppy).