An Indian Feast

A few weeks ago now Dylan and I bought tickets to India. He has always wanted to go and I put more thought into what I'm having for breakfast than big overseas trips so I thought hell why not?

To celebrate Dylan came home with a new cookbook for us. Two weeks after purchase I swear we had made almost a third of the dishes in it. The book in question Made in India by Meera Sodha is so brilliant because whilst the cooking is authentic to the writer, the ingredients she uses she has sourced in London and so is pretty relatable to what is available here in New Zealand. Often you buy an ethnic book and end up being unable to make nearly anything because of a lack of available ingredients so this book was A++ on that front. 

Within week one of ownership we had cooked four times from it with more planned for the following week. At the end of week two and eight dishes down we thought The Supper Club was in need of an Indian feast. 

In the true spirit of Indian cooking we decided that we needed to feed our friends until they could no longer move. After three types of curry, chilli paneer, spiced cauliflower, rice and paratha our mission was a success. To well and truly finish our guests off we even served up wee kulfi for dessert. 

Oh and our friend brought with her a huge jugful of mango lassi which was amazing. Channelling our Anglo roots gin and tonics were also a plenty. Flip I love it when even the bevvies are in theme.

While the table was jammed packed with food the immediate prep on the day was pretty minimal. Starting Thursday I cooked the potato and tahr curry for our dinner that night plus heaps of left overs to keep in the fridge until Saturday. On the Friday I did the same with the chicken curry and kulfi. Come game day it was literally just some super quick and easy paneer, dahl (which simmered on the stove by itself in the afternoon), some cauliflower thrown in the oven as well as the rice and the paratha. In all honesty the paratha was a bit of pain. Both Dylan and I lack the skills of an Indian Mama so we took forever to make and the end product was a bit on the stiff side but hey we tried right?

Oh and the best bit? We had left overs which we hid away in the freezer for when the curry cravings hit again. We cheated and ordered naan from Coriander's around the corner but sitting down to lots of different bowls of delicious without having to have put in any immediate effort was just the best.

Credit where credit is due though, we wouldn't have been nearly as successful without my new one sided friendship with Meera. She's a gem. Here are links to some of the recipes we used that I could find on her website. 

Mum's Chicken Curry 

Daily Dahl

Ok so I got ahead of myself and have just realised that only two of the recipes we used are available online. To compensate for this anticlimax I've posted my own rendition of her kulfi recipe which we served; you can find that here over on Sophie Likes Cake. Kulfi are an Indian take on ice cream using an evaporated milk base. They are absolutely delicious with their spices and have this glorious fudgey texture so you should definitely make them (she types as she munches on a left over one found lost in the back of the freezer).

Reminiscing over this edition of The Supper Club is making me hungry to host another one ASAP. I hope this inspires you to venture into trying something different from your norm. The best way to become better at something new is practice! Happy cooking!