The Brunch Club

I know the name of this blog suggests that we restrict our tales to only evening affairs but I feel lazy homemade brunches with friends are just as much part of the Supper Club ideals as elaborate dinners are. 

I don't know about you but very rarely do I like going out for brunch. I often begrudge paying close to $20 for some eggs on toast with a side of screaming child(s) in my ear. A couple of weekends ago though Mum took me out on a lady date and after scouring the latest Auckland reviews for the best brunch spots we settled on an unmentioned but tried and true place that she is quite fond of. It was out of the city in pseudo countryside which meant the eggs weren't an exorbitant Ponsonby price and the scenery was pretty. The plates coming out of the kitchen looked great but the real show stopper was Mum's brioche coconut French toast. It was delightful and decadent. I took inspiration from her plate and sought about recreating it myself.


Last Sunday back down in Christchurch we invited around our favourite hand models once again to help us test out this our first attempt at this French toast.  I googled 'coconut french toast' and I found a wonderful recipe over at The Brick Kitchen from which I based my own toast on. The day before I prepped two loaves of brioche as it was far easier and cheaper than scoping out all the bakeries around town. The recipe for the brioche I got here at A Cookie Named Desire. It was easy as and I recommend giving it a go. 

After keeping our guests waiting for 30 minutes because the toast took forever to cook we managed to serve up a tray of glorious golden slabs. Dotted over the table were small serving dishes filled with boysenberry compote, coconut salted caramel, toasted coconut, fresh sliced banana and mascarpone. We never said this was going to be #fitspo avocado toast now did we? 

There was something truly relaxing about having friends around the table, the smell of fresh coffee brewing, sunlight streaming through and only the voices are your friends' filling your ears. Oh the toast was delicious too. By the time they left if was only 12pm and it had already felt like we had done our quota of socialising and there was zero guilt in filling the rest of the day with antisocial life admin.

To find my version of this delicious French toast you can pop over to Sophie Likes Cake and gorge yourself until your heart is content (or stops...).


Sophie x